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Original Research

A comparative study between high-definition volumetric imaging computed tomography and multi-slice computed tomography in the detection of acute thoraco-lumbar disc extrusions in dogs  
Ross C. Elliott, Chad F. Berman, Remo G. Lobetti
11 March 2021

Original Research

Unilateral salpingectomy in Sprague Dawley rats and its effect on litter size  
Elizabeth G. Bester, Martin Schulman, Robert M. Kirberger, Marthinus Hartman
28 January 2021

Case Report

Transoesophageal echocardiography-guided hybrid balloon valvuloplasty for severe pulmonic stenosis in small dogs  
Akiko Uemura, Goya Seijirow, Ryou Tanaka, Meriç Kocaturk, Zeki Yilmaz
25 January 2021

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Vol 91 (2020)  
Editorial Office
23 December 2020

Reviewer Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement to reviewers  
Editorial Office
22 December 2020

Original Research

Short-term clinical outcomes of 220 dogs with thoraco-lumbar disc disease treated by mini-hemilaminectomy  
Ross C. Elliott, Chantel Moon, Gareth Zeiler, Remo Lobetti
21 December 2020

Original Research

Molecular screening indicates high prevalence and mixed infections of Hepatozoon parasites in wild felines from South Africa  
David J. Harris, Dimitra Sergiadou, Ali Halajian, Lourens Swanepoel, Francois Roux
30 November 2020

Original Research

Antimicrobial resistance patterns of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from canine clinical cases at a veterinary academic hospital in South Africa  
Ulemu L. Eliasi, Dikeledi Sebola, James W. Oguttu, Daniel N. Qekwana
22 September 2020

Original Research

The effect of dietary energy and protein level on feather, skin and nodule growth of the ostrich (Struthio camelus)  
Tertuis S. Brand, Werne J. Kritzinger, Daniel A. Van der Merwe, Anieka Muller, Johannes P. van der Westhuyzen, Louwrens C. Hoffman
17 September 2020

Short Communication

Model of Success: World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology African Foundation (1997–2019)  
Rosina C. Krecek, Annemarie Avenant-Oldewage, Maggie Fisher, Barend L. Penzhorn, Isaac K. Phiri, Roger Prichard, Derek Sumption, Stephen R. Werre
31 August 2020