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Case Report

A feather cyst causing vertebral bone lysis and spinal cord compression in a Lohmann Brown layer  
Alaster Samkange, Borden Mushonga, Erick Kandiwa, Alec S. Bishi, Basiamisi V.E. Segwagwe, Erdwin Muradzikwa
06 February 2020

Reviewer Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement to reviewers  
Editorial Office
11 December 2019

Original Research

Molecular detection of Mycoplasma synoviae and avian reovirus infection in arthritis and tenosynovitis lesions of broiler and breeder chickens in Santa Catarina State, Brazil  
Carolina Reck, Álvaro Menin, Mariana F. Canever, Celso Pilatic, Luiz C. Miletti
29 November 2019

Case Report

Adenoviral hepatitis in two Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) hatchlings from South Africa  
Silke Pfitzer, Keagan J. Boustead, Jan H. Vorster, Lizette du Plessis, Louis J. la Grange
26 November 2019

Case Report

Bovine rumen impaction caused by ingestion of Gonometa postica cocoons in eastern-central Namibia  
Alaster Samkange, Magrecia Hausiku, Erick Kandiwa, Pricilla Mbiri, Erdwin N. Muradzikwa, Borden Mushonga
28 October 2019